Special thanks to David Rios Salon and Spa in Georgetown (Washington DC) for granting us access to their premises.



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These pictures were taken as Hurricane Sandy was pounding on the East Coast. Rescheduling was not an option, so we made sure everyone was safe. A big thanks goes to the management of The Varsity Apartments in Baltimore, MD, where this shoot took place.

Varsity Apartments by Sven Bannuscher


Click below to see more pictures from this shoot and credits.

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Meet Margaret

Posted: 25th January 2013 by Svenler in Photography
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Margaret Munthali by Sven Bannuscher

Meet Daphne

Posted: 3rd January 2013 by Svenler in Photography
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Click the link to see more pictures from the shoot and credits.

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I recently wanted to create a Flash gallery for a client containing almost 1,000 images when I realized that the deault Lightroom Flash Gallery caps out at a maximum of 500 images. Most of those issues in Lightroom are fairly easy to fix, so I went looking for the file containing the code for the image limit.

First you have to find the file default_flash.lrwebengine, so follow the steps below:

Applications -> Adobe Lightroom 3 -> right-click and select “Show Package Contents”

A new folder called “Contents” will show up:

Contents -> PlugIns -> Web.lrmodule -> right-click and select “Show Package Contents”

A new folder called “Contents” will show up:

Contents -> Resources -> galleries

In that last folder you find the default_flash.lrwebengine file. Copy that file into the following Lightroom library folder:

Users/User Name/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Lightroom/Web Galleries

Go to that folder and right-click the default_flash.lrwebengine file.

In the folder that opens up you will see a file called galleryinfo.lrweb, which you can open with any basic text editor, so go ahead and open that file and find the entry that reads “maximumGallerySize“. By default, the maximum gallery size is set at 500, but you can increase it to any level you like.

I only tested this on Lightroom 3, but this fix should work on all versions of Lightroom.

This is the post for my second test with the D800 and while the first one was outdoors (see here), the second one was shot in studio using a grey background. I kept the lighting simple and non-distractive, a Profoto D1 1000 (click here) with a Mola Demi (click here) and of course my already dear Nikon D800 (click here) with the Nikon 85mm f/1.8G (click here).

Since a few people have been complaining that it takes them a while to get the D800 to work, I put that to the test. The objective was to get two headshots out of a 15 minute session (including lighting adjustments and not using an assistant). That’s about the time you get when you do headshots of corporate executives. My personal best was 80 headshots in four hours including setup and tear down using one assistant.

The pictures have some minimal retouching done, such as cropping, spotting, contrast adjustment and black-and-white conversion.

Dylan Thai by Sven Bannuscher

Dylan Thai by Sven Bannuscher

I just got my Nikon D800 (click here) and what a better way to test it than in a real life shoot. I was booked for a model portfolio and I decided to see what the D800 is capable of. I know it would be a step up, but instead of a step, it was a leap. The autofocus is extremely accurate and really fast. The only thing that bothers me a bit is that in very contrasty scenes (with the focus directly on the contrast), it tends to jump for a fraction of a second. I have shot with dozens of different cameras over the years including Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Hasselblad and this one is my new go to camera. The dynamic range is astounding; we had 108 degrees Fahrenheit when I took those pictures, the sun was high up and the camera was able to capture shadows and highlights without losing detail in any. The resolution does not leave much to desire either.

The following picture was taken with a Nikon 85mm f/1.8 (click here) with the sun behind the model and fill light provided by a Profoto D1 1000 (click here) with a Mola Demi (click here):

Nikon D800 Test Portrait

Portrait of Kelly by Sven Bannuscher

This picture was taken in direct sunlight using a Nikon 50mm f/1.8 (click here). I used the D version of this lens, since I do not think the G version warrants double the price. I wish I had a folding ladder with me to get more height and a better angle, but I had to make do with a small chair:

D800 Direct Sunlight Test

Kelly in Direct Sunlight by Sven Bannuscher

The other day I posted a behind the scenes pictures of a photoshoot I did in DC for Mary Kay. If you missed the post, see it here: Mary Kay Photoshoot – Behind the Scenes

For this event, Mary Kay invited six of the world’s top Latina bloggers to attend a retreat in D.C. with a full make-over by celebrity make-up artist Luis Casco, celebrity stylist Angie Escamilla, and yours truly as the photographer.

LATISM (Latinos in Social Media) is a pioneering organization of Latinos social media influencers of over 140,000 members. This event was a This by-invitation only unique opportunity will bringing together top Latina executives with a hand-picked group of influential Latina bloggers. The event was organized by Mary Kay, LV Communications and Latina Bloggers Connect.

The girls were getting ready at the splendid Hotel Helix before a limousine took us to four DC landmarks: Pennsylvania Avenue with the Capitol in the background, the Washington Monument, the Jefferson Memorial and finally Georgetown. We had three hours to cover four locations with six models in DC traffic, but everyone pulled together and we made it! This was the first event of its kind and while none of the girls are professional models and we had to work quickly, their attitude and spirit was simply stunning, particularly when considering the heat and the constantly changing weather conditions. But see for yourself…

Mercedes Sanchez of Be Chic Mag (Facebook, Twitter):

Mercedes Sanchez by Sven Bannuscher

Jeanette Kaplun, Co-Founder of Todo Bebe and Co-Host of Viva La Familia:

Jeanette Kaplun by Sven Bannuscher

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Nikon D800 with battery grip

Amazon today updated the status on the D800 and D800E to shipping in 1-2 months.

D800: Click here

D800E: Click here

Who said photography wasn’t fun? Driving an entire day throughout DC in a limousine with a bunch of beautiful models proves you wrong. Here is a quick snapshot that Ana Flores of LatinaBloggersConnect took:

Behind the Scenes: Carmen at the Jefferson Memorial

In the picture is Carmen Ordonez from Viva Fashion.

More pictures to come soon.

Indian Girl

Posted: 11th April 2012 by Svenler in Photography

Indian Girl by Sven Bannuscher


Currently I’m so busy with projects that I hardly get to post on this blog anymore, so I decided to do a quick retouch of a beautiful Indian girl I photographed last weekend.

Justin Bieber in Concert

Posted: 30th March 2012 by Svenler in Photography
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Justin Bieber by Sven Bannuscher

Here are some pictures from my recent shoot with the fabulous Beth C. Make-Up was done by Michelle Heffner, who is also a professional body- and face painter. The pictures were taken in a conference room.

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After the comparison of specs (click here to see it), it’s now time to look at the sample images both Canon and Nikon provide for the D800 and the 5D Mark III. In order to be fair, I picked pictures that were taken with equal lenses (24-70 f/2.8) and shot at ISO 100.

I chose this picture from Canon:

And this one from Nikon:

At first I thought I might be unfair to Nikon, since the picture looked so dull in the preview, but a closer look reveals some staggering differences:

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